After being established in 1912, we have been devoted to the development and production
 of all types of communication devices. We also have been endeavored to further development by
 supplying our products to customers, including Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
 In industry-university co-operation project, We are putting a great deal of effort into
 development of new technology and manpower advancement appropriate to the high
 It is obvious that information?oriented society will continue to develop more and more in
 the future.
 We hope that we will contribute to the development of the society by providing our product
 considered environmental protection.
 We look forward to your continued guide and encouragement.  

Shinji Watanabe
    1.Contribute to the progress of society
    2.Develop self-faculties through work
    3.Prosperity of Watanabe Co., LTD leads person to happiness.

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